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Marsha Thornton

Marsha Thornton

Vancouver, WA


My name is Marsha Thornton, and growing up on a farm, I loved art as a child and have enjoyed doing many art forms. As with most kids, I started out drawing and coloring. While still a child, drawing and coloring soon came to include sewing and needlework. I even earned my Art Badge in Scouts doing some pretty zany stuff with watercolours! I have always enjoyed a challenge and eventually moved to designing crocheted pot holders and afghans as gifts for family and friends. Next in my evolution, I moved on to craft painting - painting on anything that couldn’t move out of my way!

About six years ago I was given an oil painting set for Christmas and began to experiment. I found this to be so satisfying that I was inspired to begin taking art classes, in drawing, acrylic painting and watercolor painting, at a local community center. In 2009, I took six weeks of oil workshops to improve my skills. I continue to study and practice. Painting is the joy in my life.

I presently work mostly in oil, in both wet on wet and traditional techniques, while I still enjoy playing with acrylic, watercolor, and drawing. I am a realist at heart, with a desire to develop a more painterly style. I paint mostly landscapes and flowers and wildlife. I have also done several commissions of flowers and landscapes/seascapes and really enjoy doing commissions. Some of my older paintings have been donated to worthy causes that I support.

Nature is my inspiration. Most of my art is of nature. Nature, to me, is peaceful and beautiful. My paintings and photographs instill those feelings in me, and from comments I have received, I gain satisfaction that they have the same effect on others. When I am painting I am in another world, where nothing else exists – my world is perfect; peaceful and calm.

I have been featured artist on Artsy Shark (April 28, 2012) ... link:
I currently hold the position of Treasurer of the Society of Western Canadian Artists (Edmonton, Alberta).
Memberships include the Edmonton Art Club and Visual Artists Society of Alberta, where I am also an exhibiting member.


Eagle by Marsha Thornton


Parrot by Marsha Thornton


Lone Wolf by Marsha Thornton


Hidden Beauty by Marsha Thornton


Lavender Rose by Marsha Thornton


Lighthouse at NewSmyrna Beach by Marsha Thornton


Deep Blue Sea by Marsha Thornton


Fishing Village by Marsha Thornton


Fall Sunset on the Bay by Marsha Thornton


Lemonaide by Marsha Thornton


Calla Lily by Marsha Thornton


Hibiscus by Marsha Thornton


Hibiscus 3 by Marsha Thornton


Hibiscus 2 by Marsha Thornton


Pink Rose by Marsha Thornton


Bird of Paradise by Marsha Thornton


Country Cabin by Marsha Thornton


Tulips In The Window by Marsha Thornton


Mallard by Marsha Thornton


Ducks by Marsha Thornton


Cacoon by Marsha Thornton


Hummingbird by Marsha Thornton


Hummingbird by Marsha Thornton


Hummingbird by Marsha Thornton


Hummingbird by Marsha Thornton